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1512, 2021

Lake Dillon Brown Trout

A young  angler and  friend of mine Andrew Trathen wrote a great little article about Brown Trout in Lake Dillon.  Over the last couple years ive had the pleasure to fish with Andrew several times, and let me tell you, the kid can catch some fish!  Here he is with one of many Browns he caught on our last outing.   BROWN TROUT by Andrew Trathen Brown trout are one of the most sought-after species in Colorado. They range from 8in all the way up to 25 inches and above. Dillon Reservoir is a fantastic place to catch these amazing [...]

1508, 2021

A Multitude of Species

Dillon Reservoir is one of the most underrated reservoirs in Colorado for many reasons. One of those reasons is the number of species that reside in the lake. Many anglers target rainbow trout with salmon eggs and hope for a chance at a nice brown. The reality is that rainbows are the smallest of the fish in the lake. Here is a profile of species that live in Dillon Reservoir. Kokanee salmon: The kokanee in Dillon Reservoir is one of only a few naturally reproducing populations in Colorado. Each fall they run upstream and turn a rosy red. They can [...]

2704, 2021

Locating Fish at Lake Dillon

Lake Dillon is one of the largest reservoirs in the state. The fishing potential is huge. The problem is that with so much water, the fish could be anywhere. The reality is that finding fish isn’t that complicated. Here are three factors that will help you find fish. The first factor is depth control. Depth is one of the most important factors on any lake. In earlier periods of the year, fish can be caught higher in the water column because the temperatures are better suited to digest food. This allows fish to continue to be aggressive and chase bait. [...]

801, 2021

Ice Fishing at Lake Dillon

Lake Dillon offers some of the best ice fishing in Colorado. It is one the first spots every year to develop safe ice. Ice fishing occurs on the lake as soon as the first or second week in November. This offers fisherman a great opportunity to catch kokanne salmon through ice. Every year, thousands of naturally reproducing kokanne salmon come into  snake river inlet to spawn. Just like the salmon in the ocean, these salmon live for 3 to 5 years, swim right back to the exact location they were born, then die once they have completed the spawn on [...]

2504, 2020

A Weekend Warrior’s Paradise

There are many different breeds of fishermen. Hardcore Anglers, the Fly Guys, Gearheads, etc. also there is one type of fishermen that seems to be more common than any other. the weekend warrior, as fisherman like to put it, seems the most common breed.  Dillon Reservoir and Weekend Warriors go together like bread and butter. Here's why: First off, Dillon Reservoir is only about an hour and a half outside of Denver. This makes for a shorter drive than places such a Spinny or North Delaney. Fish do not grow as large but are still a decent size compared to [...]

2610, 2019

Ice Fishing Lake Dillon is Upon Us

I thought it would be fun to reach out to some locals that like to fish at lake Dillon and get their perspective.  Frankly, As a business owner and guide, my perspective on Ice Fishing Lake Dillon has a motivator in there to market myself and this service. I wanted some content with all that taken out of it. Thanks to Adam Jones (AJ) from Lone Tree Colorado for this great blog  about early ice fishing at Lake Dillon. The time of the year is upon us, when the light breeze gently moves between the mountain canyons of the Rockies [...]

2804, 2015

Fishing Adventures

About ALPINE FISHING ADVENTURES Alpine Fishing Adventures offers guided ice fishing trips and pontoon boat fishing charters on scenic Dillon Reservoir near Breckenridge, Keystone, Frisco, Silverthorne, and Vail Colorado. While on a fishing trip at Dillon Reservoir you can relax and take in some of the best mountain views around. Our ice fishing trips and pontoon boat charters can accommodate families with young children, parties and groups, and those with special needs. We also provide fishing charters and fishing trips for the serious and accomplished fisherman with our "Black Diamond" trip options. Our waters are loaded with Kokanne Salmon, Arctic [...]

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